How to build OpenCart PWA Mobile App for eCommerce?

There are several key benefits that an eCommerce business can achieve after launching the Progressive Web App. The eCommerce mobile app for an OpenCart store can be the sole channel for the sales and revenue of the business. The mobile audience is huge and with OpenCart PWA Mobile App can help in targeting them all and improve conversions.

How does OpenCart Progressive Web App work?

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker is a no-code framework to launch a featured Progressive Web App. The store admin does not need to indulge in any sort of coding language or technicality. All the changes in the PWA Mobile App can be achieved from the admin panel installed on the OpenCart back office. The extension comes with a lot of configuration settings that can change the look-feel & working of the live shopping app.

Check out below links for demo:

Admin Panel Demo

Front End PWA Demo

Compatible With Multi-vendor Marketplace:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App is fully compatible with the Multi-vendor Marketplace. The sellers on the web marketplace can also be displayed under the seller’s tab in OpenCart Progressive Web App. The users can browse the seller products, policies, etc. along with other products of the store.

Read more about OpenCart Marketplace module from here.

Top Features of OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder:


1. Branding Opportunity & Customization options:

Branding is the most important element to be considered especially in the eCommerce industry. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Creator helps the store admin to launch the mobile app under its brand name. The eCommerce merchant can also customize the layout of the home screen by using banners, images, sliders, categories, products, etc. This can be done with a few mouse tweaks and using the drag and drop option in the OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder admin panel. Various intuitive colors, fonts, schemes, etc. can be chosen for the live app.

2. Real-Time Inventory Update:

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart synchronizes all the eCommerce store data and inventory automatically with the Progressive Web App. If the store admin performs any changes on the store inventory like products, categories, etc. the same automatically gets reflected on the shopping app. The store admin does not need to put in any manual effort for this.

3. Offline Working:

The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder offers mobile apps with offline working capability. The customers can easily browse the product even in the case of no/slow internet connection.

4. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Sending push notifications is the smartest way to engage the customers on the OpenCart Progressive Web App. The extension allows the store admin to configure and send regular push notifications to the app users. The push notifications can be sent manually and scheduled for automatic deployment about the latest updates, discounts, and sales, etc.

5. Quick Login and Checkout:

In the current technological era, customers do not want to wait much. So, it is important to provide easy login options to the users. The store admin can enable the inbuilt social login options such as Facebook and Google from OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker.

6. Convenient Payment and Shipping Options:

The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder allows the customer to choose their favorable payment and shipping options while checking out from the eCommerce mobile app. The extension allows all website payment and shipping methods to be compatible with the Progressive Web App.

7. Multi-lingual & RTL Support:

The key to getting good sales is to target the audience from different regions & locations. The OpenCart PWA Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to enable all the eCommerce website languages in the shopping app. The Progressive Web App support even complex languages like RTL.

8. Customer Chat Support Option:

The PWA Mobile App for OpenCart consists of inbuilt Zopim and WhatsApp chat options to enhance the trust among customers. The customers can message directly to the store admin if they are facing any issues or got any queries.


The OpenCart Progressive Web App Builder consists of several features and benefits that are enough to prove mobile app importance. Some of the major ones are discussed above. It becomes very easy to launch and customize the PWA Mobile App as per the need. To know more, send us an email at [email protected].

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