Aspects to focus on while pairing your store with Etsy Marketplace?

If you are reading this, there are chances that you are not very satisfied with your sales and revenues. Or you have been looking forward to expanding your reach to a wider audience. With an eCommerce store that caters to a wide number of products looking for potential customers. In addition, your business can generate more sales. Hence, if you pair it or integrate it with a marketplace that has its benefits. The process to sell your products is not a very difficult task. Only once you are through the setup and on the right path.

Why Etsy Marketplace?

Etsy is a remarkable marketplace that mostly exhibits in the online selling of handmade specialties and vintage things. For instance, adornments, toys, sports things, and so forth. It is a platform where sellers can bring in an income of their craft and innovativeness. Further, can acquire a tremendous piece of benefits. Selling on Etsy Marketplace is a fantasy for some dealers, so to know how to sell on Etsy. You can examine how to sell on the platform with the Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon.

Selling your products at an online marketplace is a good decision as it will help you to leverage the traffic to your store and create a customer base that is already there without you making any efforts in that field. As a result, you would only have to focus on selling your products, deciding the pricing, and a few other aspects. After all, every e-merchant works towards expanding their business to generate more revenue, and integrating the same at a marketplace would give broader scope to do the same.

Whether you have a Prestashop platform or others like OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, and Shopify, you can have the Etsy Integration extension to help you integrate your eCommerce store with the online marketplace in a few easy steps.

It is understandable that handling both – your website and Etsy shop is important and not an easy task at all. You would need time, effort, and workforce for the same if you want everything to go smoothly as per your plan. Hence, you can easily integrate your eCommerce store and a marketplace like Etsy with the help of the Etsy Connector. If you are looking forward to selling on Etsy, you can even take help from this blog here.

This blog talks about the different aspects that you should be looking at to integrate your website with Etsy.

Aspects to focus while integrating your store with Etsy marketplace

The approaches to look forward to

The pairing of your eCommerce store with Etsy is a similar approach that works by integrating on your website’s back-office which possess the controls and configurations for:

  • Organizing the updates and changes in the inventory
  • Preparing product feed for Etsy listing
  • Keeping a record of the order received from Etsy product listing
  • Setting up an Etsy API configuration to establish the connection
  • Making different profiles for product listing; and
  • Preparing product shipping options for Etsy order

The setup

To start selling your products on the Etsy marketplace, you first have to create a seller account on the same as per the Etsy policies.
Once you are through with the registration, register your profile by entering the email address, username, and password or you can straightforwardly signup through your social media account. Then, you can create your shop with the Etsy Marketplace Integration Addon.

Product listing management should be a focus

Once you’ve done the entire setup, now you should start preparing the product feeds and upload them to the Etsy product listing. After all, you wouldn’t want your products to not be visible on the marketplace. You should prepare a product feed that will be visible in the Etsy marketplace. The creation of product feeds relies on the profiles, category mapping, and attribute mapping between the store and the marketplace. When you create a new profile, you’ll be eligible to perform category mapping and attribute mapping with which the list will of products be shown. Now you can search for the products that you want to sell in the marketplace. With the Etsy Synchronization Addon, you can easily upload the products in bulk on the marketplace.

Managing orders

The very first thing to do here is to go to the order setting tab and sync the orders from the Etsy marketplace to your eCommerce store.
Sync order status and order status mapping with the Etsy Integration Module. The admin can easily update the order status once the order exports. Then the admin can map the Etsy store order statuses to his/her eCommerce store.


These are the aspects that you have a better understanding of when you want to take your eCommerce business to a wider audience. Etsy is one of the best online marketplaces that you should consider selling your art on where the customers will love your products. The Etsy API Integrator extension will help you complete registering, uploading the products, and earn more.

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