All you need to know about selling on Etsy Marketplace?

Have you been wondering what does it take to sell on Etsy? At whatever point we consider purchasing handcrafted products online, the main word that comes to us is Etsy. Etsy Marketplace is an expert merchant local area that mostly focuses on handmade products or vintage things. In addition, the marketplace also has art products like gems, apparel, wellbeing, magnificence, and some more. It can likewise be considered as the C2C platform because the shippers listed on Etsy are significantly entrepreneurs. The stunning shopping experience on Etsy makes it quite possibly the most popular Marketplace everywhere in the world. Well, with the help of the Etsy Marketplace Integration module, you can do that with ease.

This blog talks about the ways that are best for you to sell on the Etsy marketplace without any hassle. In addition, we’ll start with knowing about the benefits of selling on the marketplace.

Advantages of selling on Etsy Marketplace

1. Personalization of your store

The opportunity to personalize your storefront is given by fewer Marketplaces just like Etsy. Etsy gives vendors a brilliant chance that empowers sellers to list their products appropriately. In addition, put the brand logo, make personalized slogans and product-related approaches. This will assist vendors with upgrading their brand picture and become popular among customers. Thus, it will give gigantic sales.

2. Pull in to a gigantic audience

Etsy has a huge audience. Period. Without a doubt, sellers have a high opportunity to make great sales. In addition, benefits as customer tributes are showing their affection towards Etsy. Additionally, it consequently gives sellers the openness to a huge number of customers everywhere in the world. This empowers them to increase their cross-border sales as well.

3. Customer engagement

It is another adaptability offered by Etsy to its outsider vendors. Etsy permits their merchants to:

  • Leave their social media handles.
  • Offer discounts and coupons on their products.
  • Gather messages to send update notifications.

These strategies help in engaging the focused audience and additionally put sellers accountable for their product listings. Then again, it increases customer engagement on Etsy Marketplace which can constrain customers to go for a moment purchase.

4. The minimal expense of Start-up

Etsy Marketplace has everything set up in one spot. Hence, the retailer needs to barely make any speculations other than about a couple of costs. Thus, the negligible expense is engaged with selling on a Marketplace as a correlation with selling on your eCommerce website. Etsy will just charge:

Month to month Subscription Fee for selling on their platform. In addition, the listing charge or commission is a standard sum for each product they listed on the Marketplace’s index.

How about we move further to discuss the way toward selling on Etsy Marketplace?

Stage 1: Get started

Firstly, make your vendor account on Etsy. Go through the Etsy strategies and guarantee if Etsy Marketplace is ideal for your business.

After making your Etsy account, register your profile by entering the email address, username, and password. With the Etsy Connector, you can straightforwardly signup through your social media account. The Etsy Integrator allows you to sign up through Facebook or Google.

Stage 2: Create your shop after the profile

Snap-on the “Sell on Etsy” choice. After tapping on this choice, you will be diverted towards your shop page. Now, you need to enter some information as follows:

  • Shop Preferences
  • Name your shop
  • Stock your shop
  • How you’ll get paid
  • Set up charging

Stage 3: Section use of Etsy shop

This part is been incorporated with various strides in which sellers need to upload a shop logo and cover photo. Hence, sellers need to likewise update the shop’s “About” segment. Influence the office of your part of your shop to cause your customers to find your shop products. In addition, go for the moment purchase.

Stage 4: Managing the shop by keeping up great SEO

Vendors ought to guarantee to meet every one of the prerequisites after covering all the above strategies. Vendors ought to be in contact with Etsy’s Survey structure. Moreover, ought to have a plan to make their first arrangement.

For a decent online business on Etsy, keeping up great SEO is vital which can assist with expanding customer engagement. In addition, optimization of the website.

Sellers should watch out for the following focuses:

  • The customer engagement in your Etsy shop.
  • The reviews (either sure or negative) by your customers.
  • Product listing quality factor
  • Inbound links

For more information in one picture, you can view the tips to rank your products up on the search results on the Etsy Marketplace.


The Etsy Integration Extension is a savvy answer for an eCommerce store proprietor to get out the complexities of selling products on the marketplace. It works by giving an Etsy API Integrator between an eCommerce store and the marketplace. It overcomes any barrier between your eCommerce store and Etsy with the assistance of which merchants can undoubtedly plan their product listings on the Marketplace website. When the combination is effective, the admin can update all the product listings on the Etsy Integration module from the back-end without visiting the Marketplace site.

We have the Etsy Marketplace Integration module for OpenCart and Prestashop platforms. Check them out below.

OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration module – Admin Demo

Prestashop Etsy Integration Addon – Back Office Demo

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