Build an eBay like Marketplace | OpenCart Marketplace Extension

Ever heard the word “Marketplace extension”. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. An online multi-seller Marketplace plugin can upgrade the OpenCart store into eBay like a shopping mall. The Multi-Vendor Marketplace module can transform the online shop into a fully functional Marketplace where multiple sellers can register their stores and sell their goods.

Knowband, a leading eCommerce company, has come up with an OpenCart Marketplace extension to create the online Marketplace in a few simple clicks. The OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace extension offers the store admin and sellers separate dashboards to manage and monitor their profiles, listings, shipping services etc. 

Steps to upgrade the store into an online Marketplace are as under:

1. The first step involves buying the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace extension from

2. Next install the OpenCart Marketplace plugin from the backend of the store.

3. The final steps involve the configuration of the OpenCart Marketplace.

Once everything is configured at the Marketplace, multiple third-party can start their store on a single platform.

Salient features of the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace:

The multiple features of the Multi-Vendor Marketplace for the OpenCart store take the online business of the store admin to the next level. The main features of the OpenCart Marketplace are as under:

Seller Registration and Management: Multiple third-party sellers can set up their account on the OpenCart Marketplace. Seller requests are submitted from the front end of the store. The store admin has the control to accept or reject the request at his convenience.

Product Management: Both sellers and admin can sell the products at the Marketplace. Products added by the sellers are first approved by the Marketplace admin from the admin panel. All types of products are supported by the OpenCart Marketplace.

User-friendly UI: OpenCart Marketplace offers a user-friendly UI to both the sellers and admin. Sellers from the seller dashboard can track and update the banner, logo, inventory, social account links, shipping features, a new category request etc.

Notification System: OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace update the seller and admin about the various activities at the Marketplace via email. Email subject, the body is both highly customizable and the store admin can easily customize the templates from the admin panel. Sellers are updated about the low stock via email alerts.

Order Management system: OpenCart Marketplace lists both seller orders and admin orders received at the Marketplace at the admin panel. Store admin can track and update the order status from the backend of the store. Store admin can enable the sellers to update their orders from the seller dashboards.

In addition to the about features, the multi-seller marketplace module for OpenCart offers a commission management system, mobile app compatibility, multiple payment and shipping options, a review and rating system.

To know more about the working and features in detail, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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