OpenCart Marketplace Plugin keep you ahead in the eCommerce business

Everyone benefits from marketplaces in different ways. It is a technique for product sellers to lower the costs of recruiting new customers, identify new customers, and simplify their operations. Customers regard marketplaces as trustworthy, neutral sites where they can get everything they need, including reviews and tempting offers. Benefits to the customer are, in the end, benefits to the seller. After all, the more satisfied a consumer is with their purchase, the more likely they are to return.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

From offering coupons to providing bargains to the clients, marketplaces make it convenient. Further, It also reduces the time it takes to respond. This is advantageous to both the vendor and the purchaser. Sellers may make modifications to their campaigns more quickly with faster answers.

How to transform your single-vendor website into a fully functional marketplace?

Opencart owners can easily transform their single-vendor website into a fully functional marketplace with the help of the Knowband Opencart Marketplace extension. Moreover, merchants can build a marketplace just like Amazon, eBay, or even Etsy. This way multiple sellers can sell their items on the marketplace and enhance their business. 

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

What are the features offered by the Knowband Opencart Multi-vendor marketplace extension to store admin?

Building marketplace easily

Opencart Marketplace extension helps in converting a single-vendor site to a multi-vendor marketplace. Furthermore, store management becomes easier for the store admin due to the intuitive interface of the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

 Opencart Multi-vendor marketplace extension Offers Commission Management

With the assistance of the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin, store merchants can easily fix the commission charged to the sellers. Furthermore, the fixed percentage amount is deducted from the seller’s earning as the commission. The commission charged to sellers, total earnings, and the due amount may all be seen in the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin admin page. 

Opencart Marketplace Extension even offers category-level commission functionality, permitting merchants to charge different amounts of the commission on the Opencart Marketplace. Amounts applied to different product categories.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin offers seller management

Just by filling a simple form, vendors can easily create their seller’s account. Further, the merchant can approve the seller’s profile from the backend of the module. 

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

The dashboard allows sellers to list their products once the account gets approved. From the OpenCart marketplace extension’s backend, products are accepted or refused. With the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin, admins may quickly assign categories to their products. Store merchants do get an option of editing the seller’s profile from the backend of the module.

Opencart Multi-vendor marketplace extension allot the categories

The OpenCart Marketplace Plugin for OpenCart allows the site manager to provide categories to the sellers. Sellers can only list their items in the categories that have been allotted to them. They do, however, have the option of sending category requests to the store administrator.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

From the backend of the Marketplace plugin for OpenCart, the admin can approve or disapprove the sellers’ category requests.

Compatible with all product types

Compatibility with all product types, simple, configurable, and bundled offered by Opencart Marketplace Extension makes it a must-have. Furthermore, the sellers from the dashboard can list products. After the approval of the store merchant, products can be showcased at the front end. Moreover, sellers can add SEO-friendly URLs for the product pages. They may also easily upload photos, inventory, and product descriptions.

Order Management

On a separate page of the OpenCart Multi vendor marketplace plugin, you can see the orders received from the marketplace and their associated details. The OpenCart Marketplace extension’s admin order page keeps track of orders placed on the shop admin’s products.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

Customize email templates accordingly

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin offers the feature of customizing email templates accordingly. This helps in coordinating all seller-to-admin, seller-to-customer, and seller-to-customer communication on the Marketplace. Moreover, merchants can view as well as update the context of the email template. Order cancel template available to notify sellers about canceled orders.

Review and Rating Management

If the admin of the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace extension has enabled this functionality, consumers can leave reviews and ratings for both products and vendors. Also, enabled extension permits customers to provide reviews. Reviews found in the OpenCart Marketplace extension’s admin interface. If necessary, the administrator can alter the reviews.

OpenCart Marketplace Plugin

Once the shop admin approves the seller’s reviews from the backend of the OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin, they are shown in the frontend.

Compatible with all Opencart themes and versions

OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module is compatible with all types of themes and versions of Opencart. The plugin is even compatible with all types of currencies and even supports all types of items. The extension even offers multi-lingual compatibility due to which contents can be displayed in multiple languages.

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