eBay Integration Addon offers an incredible feature. Do you want to know?

It’s not simple to become a successful online business initially. However, if you’ve gotten used to tweaking your business, executing good ads, and selling through many channels, it might become your main source of revenue. As a result, selling things on efficient marketplaces like eBay is something you should not overlook.

eBay Integration Addon

eBay marketplace comes with several features, however, most of you must not be aware of a fact that eBay offers a bonus feature as well which is “eBay AFFILIATES”.

Bonus feature: eBay Affiliates:

eBay also has affiliate programs in which multiple affiliate marketers will use your product link to advertise your products in exchange for a commission. Furthermore, this feature even increases your sales. As a result, you can use eBay affiliates in addition to running your program.

How to list your products on the eBay marketplace?

Knowband’s eBay OpenCart API Connector is one of the quickest ways to connect your OpenCart store to eBay. Furthermore, The OpenCart plugin simplifies the process of connecting your store to the marketplace. Simultaneously, the eBay Integration Addon automates the entire product listing, inventory, and order administration process.

eBay Integration Addon

eBay OpenCart Integration allows listing products in bulk

With the help of eBay Opencart Integration, store merchants can easily map the OpenCart store category to the eBay Marketplace category. Moreover, this way all the products which are listed under the OpenCart store category can be uploaded to the most relevant category of the eBay Marketplace. Moreover, the extension offers an easy to handle or user-friendly interface to the users. As a result, they can map the entire OpenCart store category with the eBay Marketplace category easily.

eBay Integration Addon

eBay OpenCart API Integration offers Product Description Template

eBay Opencart API Integration provide the feature called product description template. Usage of placeholders for the product description is permitted by the plugin. Moreover, placeholders like – {product_description} {product_id} {product_title} {sku} {model} {upc} {ean} {meta_title} {meta_description} {meta_keyword} can be used by merchant.

List the products at different price 

The eBay Integration Addon allows the administrator to list products on eBay for a different price than the OpenCart shop price. The eBay Marketplace plugin for OpenCart allows you to list a product based on a fixed or percentage-based higher or lower price.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module offers Return Management

If you offer returns for eBay store products, you may use the eBay OpenCart Connector extension to set up the return fields. The eBay Integration Addon allows the store administrator to add the Return Description, Return Within (in days), and Refund Type – Money Back, Money Back or Replacement, and Money Back or Exchange to the store.

Set the desired payment methods 

Store merchants can set the desired payment methods for the eBay store from the eBay Integration extension. 

Item Specifics

Item Specifics is one of the most efficient features of eBay Integration Addon. Furthermore, the eBay OpenCart Integration Extension used to add specifics and variations to listings. The eBay Connector module provides an interface via which the administrator can specify specifics based on the eBay category selected.

eBay Integration Addon

In the End

As a result, the Knowband eBay Integration Addon provides an easy solution for opencart business owners to link their store to the eBay marketplace.

What is Knowband?

Knowband offers some of the best plugins for various eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, etc. Further, Knowband plugins enhance the functionality of your eCommerce stores hence relying on these plugins is beneficial. Along with that, Knowband provides post-sales support to the customers. You may write to the Knowband team at [email protected].

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