Expand your horizons with the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

The marketplace is an expert seller association that gives numerous sellers a platform. In addition, it is a platform where they can display their products before an enormous audience. This results in high popularity and sales and an immense piece of benefits. A part of the prestigious Marketplaces includes Etsy, Walmart, Google Shopping, and so forth. Out of these eBay is quite possibly the most popular effective Marketplace everywhere in the world. Selling on eBay Marketplace will assist sellers with upgrading their brand image and stand out from the opposition. This will bring about tremendous traffic to your store that will prompt huge sales and benefits.

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration empowers store proprietors to integrate their store with eBay Marketplace effortlessly. In addition, the API Integrator overcomes any issues between the OpenCart store and the eBay Marketplace. Above all, having the OpenCart extension is extremely beneficial. Hence, sellers can undoubtedly plan their product postings on eBay. Also, pull in a colossal audience from everywhere in the world.

This blog talks about the stunning features of the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module that helps you integrate your eCommerce store with eBay.

Highlights of OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension

1. Straightforward Product Listing

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin encourages you with a simple and quick product posting. Thus, it helps save your time and effort. In addition, the admin can easily view the product listing under the Product Listing Tab of the eBay OpenCart Integration.

2. Bulk uploading of the products

With the eBay OpenCart API Integration, the admin can map the Opencart store category to the eBay marketplace category. Furthermore, it helps in bulk uploading of the products in bulk which helps in saving time and energy. In addition, the easy interface of the OpenCart eBay API Integration allows easy mapping of the store to the marketplace.

3. Consistent synchronization

With the assistance of eBay OpenCart Connector, synchronizing the product status is easy. In addition, it also syncs product inventory in bulk with ease.

4. Profile-based upload of products

The extension gives constant synchronization of the product’s credits and classifications as per their profile on the eBay Marketplace.

5. Order status update on eBay

With the OpenCart to eBay Synchronization, the admin can effortlessly update the order status on eBay once the order is shipped. Hence, by running the Order Update CRON feature of the OpenCart eBay Connector it can be done easily

6. Gives user-friendly interface

The module provides an advantageous interface. It helps in immaculate online exchanging and purchasing for sellers and customers individually. Thus, it pulls in sellers and constrains them to go for a moment purchase

7. Payment and Shipping Regulation

The OpenCart eBay Integrator Extension allows the store admin to set the desired payment methods for the eBay store. Likewise, the eBay Integration module allows the store admin to add multiple shipping methods for the eBay store.

8. Return Management

Set up the return fields from the eBay OpenCart Connector extension to offer returns of the listed product. The eBay OpenCart Integration Extension permits the store admin to add

  • Return Description
  • Return Within (in days)
  • Refund type – Money Back
  • Money-Back or replacement, and
  • Money-Back or Exchange.


Go ahead and integrate your eCommerce store with eBay with the help of OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension? Take your brand and the products to a wider audience with the OpenCart module. Last, know more about the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration with the following links.

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