eBay OpenCart Integration – smarter way to connect Opencart store

The smartest way to connect your store with the eBay marketplace is the eBay OpenCart integration module. Furthermore, eBay OpenCart Integration enables connecting the merchant’s Opencart store to the marketplace much easier. Simultaneously, the entire product listing, inventory, and order management procedure are automated by the plugin.

eBay OpenCart Integration

How does eBay OpenCart Integration function?

The API keys must be generated by the OpenCart store admin to set up the eBay OpenCart Integration Module (steps to generate the API key are available in the document). After configuring the plugin, the admin may control the eBay store listing, inventory, and orders from the OpenCart store.

eBay OpenCart Integration

Is it possible to manage orders easily with eBay OpenCart Integration?

1. Orders Management

This Knowband extension permits order management from the store itself. Furthermore, there are two options provided, order import and order status update on eBay.

eBay OpenCart Integration

The order import option allows store merchants to import the eBay orders to the store and even process the same from the OpenCart store. Furthermore, the merchant must click on the Sync Orders Button of the pluginThe CRON can also be used to automate the order sync procedure by the admin. The second option provided is an order status update on eBay. This option allows merchants to update the order status on the eBay marketplace after the order has been shipped. Furthermore, to attain the same, merchants need to run the order update CRON available under the synchronization tab of the extension. 

eBay OpenCart Integration

Hence, you can manage your orders with ease at the eBay marketplace.

eBay OpenCart API Integration advanced features:

1.OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin offers Shipping Profiles

On the eBay Marketplace, Shipping Profiles used to handle shipping. The eBay Integration extension allows the OpenCart store admin to establish shipping profiles that will be synchronized to eBay, just like the eBay Marketplace. The extension has a dedicated page for creating Shipping Profiles. These newly established Shipping Profiles will be available in the Profiles section for the admin to choose from when creating a product listing.

2.Plugin provides synchronization

The admin can use the button click option or set up the CRON to automate product listing, inventory synchronization, as well as order management. The eBay OpenCart Connector plugin’s Synchronization tab provides an interface for this. On the Synchronization page, there are also instructions for setting up the CRON.

3. eBay Orders

The extension synchronizes orders from the eBay Marketplace with your OpenCart store. Moreover, the eBay Orders page of the extension allows you to view and modify all of these orders. The admin must select Update Orders from the Synchronization after updating the order status on the OpenCart Store, or the admin can set the CRON to conduct this action automatically.

Final thoughts on OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Plugin

This Knowband module allows OpenCart store administrators to list their products on eBay and manage their inventory and orders with only a few mouse clicks. Furthermore, the OpenCart eBay API integrator makes linking a store to an online marketplace a breeze.

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