Are you getting the most out of OpenCart Marketplace Extension?

The OpenCart Marketplace is the perfect platform for you to expand your eCommerce business. In fact, it is what brings in more sales and revenues for the admin. In addition, the sellers, as well as the customers, benefit from the same. If you want to launch a fully functional marketplace, the OpenCart Marketplace Module by Knowband comes in handy. However, the question is – are you getting the most out of the OpenCart Marketplace? That’s exactly what the blog talks about. It lays down the options that make you get the best from the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin.

Are you getting the most out of OpenCart Marketplace Extension?

What to do to get the most out of Opencart Marketplace Extension?

Set the rules right for the sellers

Sellers are the ones who work hard selling their products on the platform. In addition, they are the ones who bring in more sales and revenue for the eCommerce business. The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Module by Knowband allows the admin to manage and keep an eye on everything that the sellers do. Starting from keeping the control in his own hand by approving or disapproving everything, to track their activities, the admin can do everything. In fact, the admin can set the rules for payout requests and the revenue models as well.

Handle the revenue models wisely

The Revenue Models are the ways that bring in revenues for the business with the OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension. Further, the revenue models include product listing fees, membership plans/subscription plans, and commissions from the orders. In fact, the admin can set down the rules of revenue models. For instance, how to charge as the product listing fees, or should there be a fixed commission rate for all the sellers or percentage-wise for individuals and more. Hence, it is important to handle the revenue models carefully.

Allow the customers to give their feedback

Are you getting the most out of OpenCart Marketplace Extension?

The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Plugin by Knowband allows the admin to welcome feedback from the customers. In fact, the customers can simply rate and review the sellers as well as products in full transparency. However, it depends on the admin to let the reviews go live on the front-end as they are without even reviewing the same or editing (if need be) them to build a positive outlook of the marketplace for the others. Customer feedback is very essential to spread the word about the OpenCart Marketplace among other customers.

Let sellers handle some things that bring in more purchases

Customers purchase when they find the buying process easy. For instance, multiple payment methods, multiple shipping methods, a smooth checkout procedure, and more. Further, the can admin can simply give some power to the sellers. For instance, the addition of shipping methods to make it easier for the customers. Likewise, see if you can give some more freedom to the sellers as per your wish. Give them the option of Vacation Mode where they can stop selling for some time and come back again without re-registering again.

Make sure to bring popular sellers onboard

Are you getting the most out of OpenCart Marketplace Extension?

Popular sellers are the sure-shot way that customers will come buying from your OpenCart Marketplace. In fact, all you have to do is allure sellers to your platform. You can invest in different tactics of alluring the popular sellers and giving them bonuses for selling using the OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module.

In the End

So, finally, here we are! That’s all about the Knowband Marketplace. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to know more about the OpenCart Marketplace Module.

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