Top 3 Opencart Marketplace Modules you need to know

Opencart is famous for providing some of the best plugins for your eCommerce stores. Further, there are several Opencart marketplace modules, however, these three are the most efficient plugins. Let’s understand what is Opencart first.

What is Opencart?

OpenCart is a free open source e-commerce platform for online merchants that provides a professional and stable foundation for an online store’s success. Moreover, this appeals to a wide range of users including seasoned web developers looking for a user-friendly interface to use, to shop owners launching their business online for the first time. Moreover, Opencart offers an incredible and wide range of features that offer a strong hold over the customization of your shop. Using Opencart tools, users can help online stores to live up to their fullest potential.

Opencart Marketplace Modules

Module 1: OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration

Opencart marketplace modules which is one of the quickest method to connect your opencart store with eBay is OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension. Moreover, this plugin makes it simple for the store merchant to connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace. On the other hand, the entire process of product listing, inventory, and order management is automated using OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration.

eBay Marketplace Integration Module

This module allows the store admin to list their eCommerce products on the eBay marketplace. Further, eBay OpenCart Integration manages their inventory and orders at a few button clicks. Furthermore, this plugin makes it simple for the merchant to connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace.  

Key Benefits of eBay Marketplace Integration Module

  • eBay Marketplace Integration Module allows listing the products in bulk on eBay.
  • OpenCart eBay Connector helps to manage inventory on eBay from the store. Furthermore, it handles eBay orders from the store admin
  • Allows sending less or high pricing on eBay.
  • eBay OpenCart Integration allows bulk Inventory sync process for listed products.
  • eBay OpenCart Integration allows managing product quantity to be sent on eBay.

Module 2: Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator 

Second most important Opencart marketplace modules is OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator. Synchronizing the Opencart store with the Etsy marketplace in few simple steps becomes easier with the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Integrator. To keep up with new challenges, store merchant must analyze their business method and process. Selling on multi-channel isn’t easier as sellers have to keep proper track of their inventory status, product listings, shipping methods, delivery time, and customer support. Hence to overcome all such challenges KnowBand has developed the Opencart Etsy Marketplace Connector.

OpenCart Etsy API integration

The Etsy OpenCart Integration extension enables Opencart merchants to handle inventory, orders, and shipping for Etsy shop orders directly from the store admin.

OpenCart Etsy API integration benefits

  • OpenCart Etsy API integration offers easy installation as well as a user-friendly interface.
  • Using this extension, products can be uploaded in bulk.
  • Allows category as well as product attribute mapping.
  • The seller can create shipping templates from the admin panel. Sync these templates to the Etsy store through OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration Plugin.
  •  Etsy shop orders can be managed. Also, sellers can keep a track of Etsy orders from the admin panel.

Module 3: OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Opencart Google Shopping Integration is also one of the most important Opencart marketplace modules. Furthermore, Opencart store owners can now list and display their products on the Google sponsored ads as Knowband offers OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin. The Google Shopping Integration Plugin for OpenCart is a fantastic and completely functioning integration solution.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

Furthermore, the most advanced OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module provides a simple way to display your products on Google Shopping. With the assistance of this module, store admin can attract thousands of new as well as focused clients on eCommerce stores. 

Key benefits of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration

  • The entire opencart category can be mapped to Google shopping using OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.
  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integration is viable for a multi-shop environment.
  • Based on specific conditions like products below a specific price, Opencart admin can exclude items.
  • The multiple attribute groups for Color, Size, Gender, Pattern, and many more can be managed easily, using OpenCart Google Shopping Integration.
  • OpenCart Google Shopping Integration saves both time and effort for manual product feed.

Why Knowband?

Knowband designs best in industry plugins for eCommerce platforms. Furthermore, Knowband designs the best plugins for different platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, and Shopify.  Also, Knowband provides custom module development and customization services for both- websites as well as modules. Furthermore, its dedicated support team provides the best and efficient post-sales support to clients. So if you are facing any issue you may write them at [email protected].

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