Enhance Your Business Reach With OpenCart Android & iOS Apps

It is estimated that eCommerce businesses are going to generate most of their revenue via mobile shopping apps. In the near future, it will become the essential need of the eCommerce businesses to go for the eCommerce mobile app. The current technological advancement plays an important role in changing the mindset of the customers. The customers are preferring more to shopping apps. The OpenCart Mobile App gives multiple opportunities to eCommerce businesses to do well in the market. 

The OpenCart Mobile App Builder is the ready-made solution that transforms the eCommerce website into the Android and iOS app. It does not require any type of coding knowledge and technicality. It helps you to generate more traffic and revenue for the eCommerce business via a mobile audience.

The  OpenCart Mobile App builder offers full control of the admin panel of the module. The changes can be performed easily and effectively. It provides an easy marketing solution to the store admin with push notifications. The store owner can also provide quick support to the customer in case of any issue and queries. 



Steps To Launch OpenCart Mobile Apps: 

There are three main steps to launch the OpenCart Mobile App for the eCommerce website: 

1. The store admin has to buy the OpenCart Mobile App Plugin from the Knowband website.

2. The store admin has to fill the prerequisite form and share details to develop the mobile app.

3. The store admin can review the final app and launch it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Sale Boosting Features Of OpenCart Mobile App Creator: 

1. Brand Promotion And Customization-

There are multiple changes in the mobile app that the store admin has to perform. In order to do so, most of the mobile apps require the store admin need to learn the coding language. But, OpenCart Mobile App Creator provides easy customization options to the store admin. The several customization options have the potential to change the whole eCommerce app look and feel. The store admin can include the logo, splash screen, name, app icon, etc from the admin panel of the module.

2. Home Screen Layout Control-

The store admin has the complete authority to control the home screen layout of the shopping app. The store admin can also make the changes in the OpenCart App Creator home screen even if the mobile app is live. Multiple layouts can be created and saved in the admin panel. The store admin can switch to favorable layouts on the OpenCart Mobile App.

3. Reviews/Ratings & Related Products- 

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the customers to share their reviews in Android and iOS apps. The customer can put their ideas, views, thoughts about the particular product that they have used earlier. This helps other shoppers to select the appropriate product according to their requirements. 

The store admin can also showcase the related products on the app and motivates users for cross sell/up sell.

4. Platform Responsive And Offline Mode-

The Mobile App for OpenCart is not device-dependent and can easily be adapted to any device. It works perfectly with Android, iOS, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. It is also get optimized according to all screen sizes. The offline access is also there that allows the cache to be stored in the mobile app. The user can see the stored data even if the internet is not available.

5. Automatic Inventory Update-

The OpenCart Android & iOS Mobile App Builder synchronizes with the website inventory. All the changes/updates get automatically reflected on the mobile app in real-time. The changes can be done on the app even after the apps are live. 

6. Push Notifications Feature-

It is important to send regular updates, offers, and discounts to the customer and push notification will help you out. The OpenCart Android App Builder allows the store admin to send the push notification manually and schedule automatically. The store admin can also configure the template, image, redirection link and send a push notification on the OpenCart Mobile App. 

7. One-Click Login And Checkout-

The OpenCart Android & iOS App Maker consists of social media login options like Facebook and Google along with email registration & login. This way customers do not have to come across the inconvenient login and registration option. To enable the additional security the store admin can also allow the inbuilt fingerprint and Phone Number login (OTP).

The Single page checkout option in OpenCart Mobile App allows the users to fill up only the information that is necessary. This prevents the customer from getting irritated and makes the purchase process easier. 

8. All Payment and Shipping Mode Support-

The OpenCart Android App Builder consists of several payments and shipping options that are already available on the eCommerce website. This way customers do not have to deal with new shipping and payment methods. The shopping app enhances the trust factor of the customers and encourages them to shop more from the mobile app. 

It is very important to give a smooth transaction process to the customers. The customer feels more secure and confident when they found the desired payment and shipping option on the mobile app. Using multiple website payment and shipping options is the best way to drive more sales to the eCommerce app and give an enhanced customer experience.

8. Multilingual (RTL)-

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App allows the customer to change the mobile app in its desired language. The customer just has to select the desired language and the eCommerce app will automatically get transformed into the selected one. The OpenCart Mobile App also supports the most complex languages even RTL along with multiple currencies.

9. Order Status Update-

The OpenCart App Builder allows the customers to check the order delivery status from the mobile app. The customer can check the order data in the mobile app or receive a push notification regarding the order status update from time to time. 

10. Customer Support-

Quick customer support is one of the most effective features to gain trust and loyalty among customers. In order to fill the bridge between the store admin and online shoppers, the OpenCart Mobile App comes up with inbuilt WhatsApp & Zopim chat options. These chat options offer 24*7 support to the customer.  

11. Coupons & Vouchers Support-

The coupon and voucher of the website are also supported in the OpenCart Android & iOS App. The mobile shopper can use the coupon and discount vouchers when placing an order from the mobile app and grab discounts. This allows shopping benefits to the app users and motivates them for more purchases. 

Compatible With OpenCart Marketplace: 

The OpenCart marketplace module is fully compatible with the OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension. If both extensions are being used on the same store, the sellers with profiles, products, etc. will be available on the same app. The marketplace features on the app are only customer-centric. The marketplace module transforms the single-vendor website into a fully-functional marketplace. That allows multiple sellers to register on the website and start selling their products. The same sellers can be accessed from the app by users.



Although there are many features in the Mobile App for OpenCart that boosts business productivity and performance. We have tried our best to cover the top ones to get stay ahead in the competition. The OpenCart Mobile App Creator consists of all the necessary functionalities to boost the revenue and sales of the eCommerce business and lower the cart abandonment rate. To know more, drop us an email at [email protected]

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