OpenCart One Page Checkout features that makes it must have

Each 1 out of 10 online clients is constrained to leave their cart on account of the long as well as complex checkout. However, you can improve your site checkout to an intriguing one by fusing OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension from Knowband.

OpenCart One Page Checkout

OpenCart responsive checkout popup module turns up the entire checkout process to a single ajax based popup. This triggers over the screen as the client picks to buy an item from the store. Further, this extension decreases the cart abandonment rate by offering the whole buy measure on a single popup, without stacking the following page.

One Page Super Checkout (One Page Checkout, Quick Checkout)

Features of OpenCart fast checkout extension

Consolidating One Page Checkout for the OpenCart store is not a problem as it offers basic customization. Further, basic customization is possible as it includes zero specialized abilities or existing code alterations.

Along these lines, this rapidly permits your clients to buy the item through a single popup, giving them quicker checkout as well as a less interference experience. The features mentioned below are the striking features of this plugin.

1.OpenCart One Page Checkout module shows the complete checkout fields as responsive ajax put-together checkout popup. With respect to the front end of the site without diverting to another URL. 

2. This extension also gives a consistent method to support the newsletter memberships for the online business. 

3. The responsive checkout popup joined utilizing OpenCart worked on the checkout module. Moreover, this can be effectively enabled or disabled utilizing the switch button given at the backend. 

4. The visitor registration element of the OpenCart One Page Checkout naturally register the client with the site. Also, sends them the login password on their email. 

5. One Page Checkout for OpenCart allows enabling or disabling the visitor checkout functionality of the OpenCart One Page Checkout module. 

6. Utilizing this OpenCart Single Page checkout extension, you can add CSS code to the high-level checkout page. 

Other Features:

1. OpenCart Single Page checkout module offers a testing mode highlight which allows you to test the high-level checkout page functionality on a particular IP. 

2. With OpenCart worked on the checkout module, gives clients the advantage of social login alternatives. For instance, Google and Facebook over the checkout page. 

3. OpenCart quick checkout expansion permits you to show/hide payment and shipping address fields diversely for signed-in and visitor clients of the store. 

4. The custom location fields can be stamped required or discretionary with the assistance of this OpenCart One Page Supercheckout module. 

5. Utilizing One Page Checkout for the OpenCart site, you can give various transportation as well as payment techniques to the clients. Furthermore, the admin can design from the backend. 

6. OpenCart responsive checkout popup module facilitates you in setting an ideal logo image. Furthermore, this module even facilitates you in setting titles for each of the payments as well as shipping methods are shown on the super checkout page. 

7. The ship2pay element of OpenCart’s fast checkout extension automatically chooses the payment strategy comparing to each transportation technique chosen by the client. 

8. OpenCart responsive checkout popup extension offers a configurable cart whose fields can be fixed according to business needs. 

9. This Opencart module is multi-store.

10.This module is multi-lingual viable. 

11. OpenCart fast checkout extension offers a portable responsive design to the clients. 

12. The MailChimp Integrator feature of this extension naturally synchronizes the client information. Furthermore, this synchronizes the client information with the associated MailChimp record of the vendor.


Knowband’s extension is the ideal choice to consolidate a smart as well as a fast form of checkout at your eCommerce store. Further, it shows a responsive checkout popup without extra page stacking. As a result, this leads to less cart abandonment rate. And on the other hand, more client engagement.

Getting frustrated with the multiple numbers of steps, the majority of the clients are constrained to exit out of the store. Also, things being what they are, the reason not to further develop the checkout interaction of the site?

Henceforth, OpenCart responsive checkout popup brings about more guests finishing their orders.

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