Why do you need to upgrade your store to Opencart One Page Checkout?

As an eCommerce owner, you keep on upgrading your store with great products but what about upgrading the checkout page? You must upgrade your store to Opencart One Page Checkout as it reduces the shopping cart abandonment rate and increases your store revenue.

Opencart One Page Checkout

What makes Opencart One Page Checkout a reason to use?

With its advanced features, Knowband Opencart One Page Checkout is a faster, smarter, and better checkout page that replaces default checkout. Furthermore, the module is designed to reduce the valuable time of clients because it decreases the time required to checkout and even collects personal information.

Opencart One Page Checkout

Customers are more likely to complete a transaction if they see that their e-Commerce experience will be concluded on a single page. Further, clients can log in using their Facebook or Google accounts with the OpenCart One Page Checkout extension. Clients who are concerned about a lengthy registration process will cheerfully complete the transaction on your store in this circumstance. Furthermore, clients will appreciate this feature because they will no longer need to remember their password and will be able to log in with a single click.

What are the features offered by Opencart One Page Checkout?

Guest Checkout

OpenCart One Page Advanced Checkout Extension offers a Guest Checkout functionality. This feature allows users to easily as well as quickly finish their orders as guest clients. Clients can create a new account in the store and finish their orders. Furthermore, the extension allows clients to log in to the website via accounts like Google, Facebook, and Paypal accounts.

Opencart One Page Checkout

Opencart One Page Checkout is Customizable

  • Another incredible feature of Opencart One Page Checkout Pro Extension is it is customizable. This feature allows merchants to customize the fields on the checkout page. Furthermore, the admin can easily hide or show any of the fields on the checkout from the checkout page.
Opencart One Page Checkout
  • You can even make them optional or mandatory for the clients to fill. The plugin even allows merchants to re-arrange the position fields just with drag and drop functionality. 
  • The look, as well as the feel of the plugin, can be customized via CSS and JS. Moreover, it provides the Testing mode feature through which owners can easily view as well as check the customizations performed before making the customizations live on the website. Moreover, you can customize the look as well as the feel of the checkout page which includes changing the color of the buttons, background button color, text color, and so on. 

Opencart One Page Checkout offers Compatibility

Compatibility is another great feature of One Page Checkout for OpenCart. This add-on provides multi-store and multi-lingual compatibility.

Supporting major shipping and payment methods

  • Supporting all the major shipping as well as payment methods boost the confidence of clients to pick their desired method from the checkout page. Clients prefer to shop more from your website if your website is supporting all the payment and shipment methods. Hence, the OpenCart One Step Checkout extension recommended.
Opencart One Page Checkout
  • This extension provides a Ship2Pay feature through which owners can easily map the specific payment methods with selected delivery methods. When the user selects a delivery method, it conceals all other payment methods and only shows the user the payment methods that are mapped to that delivery method.
Opencart One Page Checkout

Integrating email marketing

The OpenCart Quick Checkout module integrates MailChimp, Klaviyo, and SendinBlue. These allow you to automatically sync users’ databases with your accounts without having to do anything manually.

In the End

The smartest and fastest One Page Checkout module for Opencart is available on Knowband, a leading name in e-Commerce design and development. The module enhances the performance of your website and takes your business to next level and increases sales targets. As a result, one-page checkout is widely suggested to allow e-Commerce customers to check out quickly.

If you are facing trouble in any of the modules, write your queries to the Knowband team at [email protected].

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