Advantages of Using Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension for Online Retailers

The Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension enables related products to be visible in the online store. Further, related items are on display on various product pages thanks to this Knowband Opencart plugin. Moreover, customers browse and buy related products by using this extension. Also, according to the customer’s selections, the Opencart-related product displays complement to the currently displayed product. Thus, one of the most often used extensions for Opencart is the Knowband Opencart Automatic Related Product module.

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To help customers choose the finest products, the module should offer guidance. Hence, the Automatic Related Products Extension for Opencart benefits both online shoppers and the administrator. Further, by showcasing comparable products on the website, the Identical Product Plugin allows admin to increase average cart values for customers. Also, the quantity, evaluation, and arrangement of goods shown as related goods are all completely under the store owner’s control. Therefore, the Opencart cross-selling extension is efficient and works with a variety of stores.

OpenCart - OpenCart Automatic Related Products

The admin of an online store makes a range of recommendations to clients, which helps to speed up their purchasing process. Moreover, the owner of an online store at an eCommerce business sees suggested products and categories. Hence, the Opencart Automatic Related Product module is completely customized and is responsive to mobile devices.

Automatic Related Product Extension for Opencart has the qualities listed below:

  1. Enable or disable the extension: From the backend, utilizing this module’s features, you may switch the extension on or off from the front shop.
Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension demo
  1. Out-of-stock items: This OpenCart cross-selling extension has a feature that lets admin users hide items that aren’t currently in stock.
  2. Display on other pages: Utilizing the features of this module, the admin displays the related product module block on different pages. Further, the admin places the Opencart Automatic Related Products block on the home, item, cart, order confirmation, category, and manufacturer pages.
Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension cart view
  1. Block positioning of related products: The store admin relocates the module to various locations on the website using a function of this module. On each page, the module is present at the top, bottom, left, or right. Moreover, the location depends on the organizational structure chosen by the online business owner.
Opencart Automatic Related Product Extension product page setting

The module’s block title is: The Opencart Automatic Related Product extension’s features allow the admin to change the block title for the module. The admin of the shop selects whether to show the block title or not.

Total number of goods displayed: This extension features a feature that allows the admin user to choose how many products are on the display.

Conditions for displaying products:

The business owner specifies the different specifications for product presentation using the cross-selling product module features of Opencart. Further, top-selling products, new releases, user usage patterns, and particular products are all within reach as selection criteria.

  1. Filter configuration: This module has a filter feature for individual site pages. Also, the store owner chooses keywords and characteristics to set filters for certain pages. Moreover, these filters are for certain pages in this extension for products that are identical to the original.
  2. Priority setting: With the Opencart Automatic Related Products extension, admin changes the order in which actions are performed. Products with greater priorities have priority in the product selection method.
  1. Selection of a certain product: The admin uses the extension’s search and selection feature. After making the best strategy for a particular product the product is visible in the module block.
  2. Mobile responsive: The cross-selling product extension for Opencart is mobile responsive, enabling customers to view related items on the go.
  3. Numerous language and store support: This product extension is compatible with a wide variety of stores and languages.

Advantages of Opencart Automatic Similar Products

  1. By putting items on display that are relevant to the clients, the shop owner raises the average basket value. The Opencart store administrator lowers the bounce rate by utilizing this cross-selling product module.
  2. The store owner uses the admin interface to decide where to arrange similar products. Using the Opencart Automatic Related Product extension, the admin chooses how many items will appear in the module block together.
  3. By emphasizing the products that clients are most likely to purchase, the online store owner increases sales.
  4. The business owner advertises fresh arrivals by showing recent arrivals as similar products in Opencart module for identical products.
  5. Utilizing Cross-selling OpenCart plugin, the admin makes customers to focus on the products that the admin wants them to.
  6. The admin of the module has the option to show or hide the comparable products, which includes unavailable items.

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