Follow 2 steps for easy opencart back in stock installation

Opencart back in stock allows merchants to mail to subscribed clients in regards to available products. Further, this extension allows mailing product status to clients. Further, store admin can educate customers whether the product is in stock or not. Hence, clients can purchase before the product becomes out-of-stock.

Opencart stock alert drives traffic to the website, enhances the client experience, and guides store merchants regarding the client’s needs. Moreover, this leads to a better connection between customers and store owners.

Opencart Product Stock Notification Extension Features:

Feature 1: Sends email notification to clients regarding the product after the product is back. Further, the store admin can set the privacy policy at the front end.

Feature 2: Opencart back in stock notification module permit clients to view the list of subscribed products. Moreover, merchants allow clients to remove the product from the list. By selecting the quantity for the same, the merchant can mail the low stock alert notification to the subscribed customers.

Feature 3: Opencart back in stock permits store merchants to customize the look as well as the feel of the notification box. If a store merchant wants to remove any subscriber from the list, he/she can use this module. Download the subscriber list in CSV file format.

Feature 4: The module is the mobile responsive, theme, and SSL compatible. Opencart stock alert also offers multi-store and multi-lingual support.

Merchants benefits offered by Opencart product stock notification extension:

Benefit 1: The module allows the store admin to customize the block according to the theme. Moreover, the extension allows store merchants to edit the email template corresponding to the language.

Benefit 2: Opencart stock alert permits store admin to view the list of products and the subscribed product.

Customer benefits offered by Opencart product stock notification extension:

Benefit 1: Knowband’s back-in-stock notification interface is mobile responsive. Moreover, the module is compatible with all browsers as a result client doesn’t have to face any design issue with any browser.

Benefit 2: The extension allows clients to subscribe to out-of-stock products to receive the notification after the product is back in stock.

Installation Guide

After the store merchant purchases the module, he/she will receive the following files in registered email.

  1. Source code in zipped file format.
  2. User Manual

Installation Steps

A merchant needs to unzip the zip file. Folders shown in the image will be found in the zip file.

  • Admin needs to copy and paste the content found inside the upload folder inside your Opencart store folder.
  • Go to Extensions and then Installer. You can upload the ”” (for OC3.0.x) file and install the extension.

Now choose the OpenCart version according to your store and open that specific OC folder. After opening it you will see the following content.


So, Opencart back in stock notification module is successfully installed and ready to use. Further, from the admin menu, click on the extensions, choose the extension type as Modules. From the list select Knowband Opencart back in the stock notification module.


Admin Interface

Opencart back in stock notification module admin interface includes the following in main settings:

  • Dashboard
  • Settings
  • Subscriptions


Dashboard of the module display different types of graphs and these graphs are used to analyze most subscribed products, past week subscription, etc.



The settings tab of the Opencart stock alert module consists of all the module configurationally settings.

General Settings

Enable/Disable: This field of OpenCart back in the stock module by Knowband will be “OFF” at the initial stage. Further, the store admin can enable/disable the Opencart module by turning ON/OFF in this setting.

Privacy Policy: To display the privacy policy option at the front end admin need to toggle this button. This will be shown at Notify Me block.

Privacy Policy Text: For a privacy policy, the store admin can enter the desired text. Further, the text can be changed accordingly.

Privacy Policy Page URL: Store admin can set his choice of URL to the privacy policy.

Background Color: From this option, the store admin can change the background color of the subscription box by selecting the color from the color picker. Further, this will be reflected on the front end of the module.

Border Color: The admin can set the border color of the subscribed box using the color picker in this option.

Text Color: This option allows the admin to change the text color of the notify box.

Heading Background Color: This option allows the store admin to change the Heading background color of the notify box.

Custom CSS: This option of the module allows the admin to write their CSS accordingly. Furthermore, this will be reflected in the front end of this OpenCart module.

Custom JS: Further, this option allows the admin to write their JavaScript accordingly.


Admin Demo

Store Demo

User Manual

Opencart Modules

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