Knowband Opencart product stock notification extension

Opencart product stock notification extension is a must-have extension if looking for higher customer engagement and sales. This extension tackles the issue of product unavailability. Many times customers get disappointed when the product becomes unavailable is common. Whether it’s about purchasing mobile phones or laptops, the product becomes out of stock before adding to the cart. Moreover, if the customer isn’t informed, when the item returns to stock, the storekeeper can lose that deal.

Opencart product stock notification extension

 Opencart product stock notification extension is a way of notifying clients about the status of the product. This extension allows the admin to send an email mailed to the clients interested in purchasing that product. At the point when the item is back-in-stock, the customers are notified through email about its accessibility so that customers can purchase it quickly before it leaves stock once more.

The sole motivation behind the Opencart back-in-stock notification module is to support sales of your website. Moreover, this extension assists you with increasing traffic and client engagement. Besides increasing traffic and sales, the Opencart product stock notification extension offers various features which are listed below.

Opencart product stock notification extension Features:

  • This  Opencart product stock notification extension sends an email notifying clients of the item once they are back in stock. Furthermore, store merchants can set privacy policy to show at the front end. 
  • Opencart stock alert allows the admin to set the ideal URL to the privacy policy text. Further, it allows the store admin to permit clients to list down the bought items. Also, using this extension, Opencart admin can permit the clients to eliminate any item from their list.
  • Using, Opencart the stock alert admin can send the low stock notification email to the bought-in clients by choosing the amount for something similar. 
  • Opencart stock alert allows store merchants to customize the look and feel of the notification box.
  • The back-in-stock extension is responsive to portable devices such as mobiles and tablets. This extension is even compatible with themes and SSL. 
  • The extension even offers multi-store and multi-lingual support.

Merchants benefits:

  • The Opencart stock alert extension permits the admin to customize the block according to their theme.
  • The administrator can edit the email format according to language utilizing the Opencart back-in-stock extension.
  • The store admin can view the list of items and the items they have bought.
  • The administrator can likewise send the low stock ready notice for the bought-in items. 
  • The administrator can permit the clients to see the list of their bought items.

Customer Benefits:

  • Opencart back in stock notification module interface is mobile responsive. Moreover, it is compatible with all browsers and clients 
  • The Opencart back-in-stock notification module is viable with all programs. Hence, customers won’t face any design issues with any browser. 
  • The clients subscribe to out-of-stock products to get the notification once the item is back in stock. Furthermore, customers can view the list of products bought from the “Out of stock subscription” tab. 
  • If stock is low of that specific product, the Opencart product stock notification extension allows the store admin to send an email for low stock alert of subscribed products. 


To save these missed out sales and make the customer purchase the item when it returns to stock, You need to mail each customer which will require some investment and effort.

Therefore, the OpenCart Back in Stock Extension will work on this for you. The administrator can likewise make, alter or utilize the default email format for notice. Moreover, the admin can likewise decide to if send a Low Stock Alert email using this module.

Knowband offers efficient sales support, therefore store merchants can ask their queries regarding modules by mailing them at [email protected].

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