List items on Google Shopping with Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

The Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart seamlessly syncs all of the products from the OpenCart eCommerce shop, as well as the relevant settings, to the Google Merchant Center account. Furthermore, the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed Integration extension is the simplest and most efficient solution to quickly increase awareness of your products and website. Moreover, the admin of the store can rapidly upload their product feeds to Google Shopping with the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension.

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

What are the key benefits of Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart?

The Google Shopping Integration Module connects all of your Opencart categories to Google Shopping. Further, it is compatible with a multi-shop environment. The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin also allows retailers to reject items based on specified criteria, such as things priced below a certain threshold.

The module also allows you to handle different attribute groups like color, size, gender, and pattern without having to use a unique identification (EAN13/JAN or UPC). The OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer also saves a lot of time and effort when it comes to manually updating product feeds.

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

How to list items on Google Shopping using Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart? 

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart allows Enable Or Disable Products

Listing your products on Google Shopping becomes easier with Opencart Google Shopping Integration Plugin as it offers a feature called enable or disable products. This feature lets the admin block their products from appearing on the product listing page. Furthermore, disabled products will be deleted from the Google Shopping store. Blocked goods can be enabled later by the administrator.

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart Manage your feed 

The admin will be able to establish a timetable on this page of the Google Shopping OpenCart Integrator so that the module can upload products to Google without any manual intervention. Furthermore, the admin can customize the feed schedule.

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

Product listing

Products listed on Google Shopping from the Opencart store viewed under the Product listing tab of OpenCart Google Shopping Synchronizer. The feature allows store merchants to perform different tasks. Tasks including to view the image of the product, Listing Id, Name as well as the profile to which item is mapped. Moreover, Listing status and date added viewed under this feature of OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension.

Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart

In the End

The Knowband Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart provides an amazing and completely functioning integration solution for OpenCart store administrators. Admin can list and show their products on Google sponsored ads. The most advanced OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module makes it simple to list products on Google Shopping. The module even attracts thousands of new customers to your online store.

What is Knowband?

KnowBand has extensive experience working with eCommerce websites and provides some of the best eCommerce plugins available. In addition, we offer the greatest plugins for Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, and Shopify. We also provide bespoke module development and modification services for the website and modules.

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