Grow your business with OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector

Who hasn’t heard the word “Etsy” in the eCommerce industry? Etsy with its millions of customers allows customers to buy handmade, old, unique products. Selling goods at such a large platform enables the store admin to cater to a huge audience base. A store admin who is already running an online shop might find it tough to manage both the stores simultaneously. Extra efforts, management, time and workforce will be required to manage both the stores as per your expectations and plan.

It is when Knowband’s OpenCart Etsy shop Integrator comes into play.

What is an OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector?

OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension allows the store owners to connect and manage both the stores from a single interface. All the orders and products listed at the Etsy store can be easily synced at the backend of the OpenCart shop. Store owner without switching stores can track and update the inventory and order status from the backend of the stores. In short, Etsy OpenCart Integration extension eases the listing and management process.

How to setup the connection between the online store and the Marketplace?

To set up the connection between the OpenCart store and Etsy shop, the store admin needs to follow the steps.

  1. Buy the OpenCart Etsy connector from the Knowband store.
  2. Install the module in the backend of the OpenCart store.
  3. Now create a seller account at the Etsy store. To connect the stores we will need API details.
  4. After registration, set up an app at the Marketplace to fetch the API details.
  5. Enter the API details in the settings fields.

Now you are ready to sell your products on the Etsy Marketplace.

Key Features of OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integrator

Profile Management: Multiple profiles can be created by the OpenCart store admin in the backend of Etsy OpenCart Marketplace Integrator Extension.Store Admin can map the OpenCart store category with the Etsy category in the profile settings.

Price Management: OpenCart Etsy Integration Extension allows the admin to alter the product price. Store admin can list their products to the Etsy marketplace at a price different from the OpenCart store price.

Product Listing: Products listed on the Etsy Marketplace can be easily viewed under the Product listing tab of the Etsy Marketplace Connector extension. Product details like product image, Etsy Listing Id, Name, Profile can be easily tracked from the backend of the store.

Product updates: Product details can be updated at the Etsy Marketplace by running the cron in the backend of the store.

Auto Renew: The auto renew feature of OpenCart Etsy Suynchronizer automatically renews the products when they get expired after a specific time.

Order Management: The Etsy OpenCart Store Extension allows the store admin to sync the orders from the Etsy shop to the OpenCart store. Store owner can easily update the order status from the admin panel of the OpenCart store. Updated order status can be synced back at the Etsy shop.

Local Sync: The local sync feature of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Connector allows the store admin to sync the products from OpenCart stop to the Etsy integration module.

To know in detail about the other features, please refer to the User Guide.

In case of any doubt or query regarding the installation, working , features, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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