For Better Security Switch To Opencart Google Recaptcha

OpenCart Google reCaptcha shields your online store from spammers, misuse, and insidious bots by giving additional security to the site. Spambots can make harm the site as well as its contents. Moreover, it is frequently said that Google ReCaptcha is hard for bots, however, simple for people. Therefore, the ideal bot protection solution is Google reCaptcha.

OpenCart Google reCaptcha guarantees that the client is a human, not a bot. Furthermore, it hinders the section of spambots if they attempt to get to the site. Furthermore, the store admin can coordinate Google reCaptcha on numerous website pages. Including client login page, client enlistment page, client contact and fail to remember the secret key page, etc.

Features Of Human verification Opencart extension :

1. Easy Installation and Configuration: 

OpenCart Google reCaptcha is excessively simple to install and set up. Moreover, no high-level technical knowledge is needed to use the extension.

2. Increases Website Security: 

The extension helps in limiting the passage of spambots as well as maltreatment from the site. Also, this addon helps in driving quality rush hour gridlock to the online store.

3. Integrate reCaptcha on Multiple Pages: 

The store admin can show or hide Google reCaptcha on different website pages. Including the Customer Login page, Customer Registration page, Customer Contact page, and Customer Password Forgotten page.

4. Specify Login Attempts: 

The e-vendor can determine the constraint of login endeavors from the backend of the extension. Later, Google reCaptcha will show to confirm the personality of the client.

5. Interactive Themes: 

The plugin offers light as well as dark themes to show Google ReCaptcha on the website pages.

6. SSL compatible : 

OpenCart Google reCaptcha is SSL viable too.

7. Multi-themes and Multi-store compatible : 

The extension is viable with all the OpenCart themes and multi-store compatible too. Hence, this is a great addon.

8. Multi-lingual Compatible :

 OpenCart Google reCaptcha is compatible with different languages as well.

Merchant Benefits Offered By Google Recaptcha Opencart module :

1. The extension helps in limiting the spam bots and maltreatment from getting to the site. Moreover, it gives additional insurance to the site and its contents.

2. The extension is very simple to install and design as well.

3. With the assistance of extension, the e-dealers can drive quality traffic to the site too. Thus, it can shield the site from different spam assaults.

4. Moreover, checking the client personality with Google reCaptcha is very simple.

5. OpenCart Google reCaptcha keeps the spam bots from auto structure fillings on the site.


Therefore, Opencart human verification is important because when you have a website you have to protect it from spammers. This addon will protect your website from degrading as well. Thus, using Opencart human verification is important. Knowband Google Recaptcha Opencart module comprises features required for keeping the website safe. In addition, Knowband is a reputed name in the field of plugin development. Therefore, install this addon on your e-commerce website.

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