7 features that make OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module perfect for store owners

The eCommerce store merchants are aware of the fact that due to excessive pages, the website loading time increases and has a severe impact on the user’s experience with the store and the SEO as well. The increased loading time of your website raises the probability of the visitors bouncing back from your website and the increased bounce rate influence the rankings of the site on the indexed lists.

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module by Knowband is the perfect solution to this problem. This module offers an unending scrolling feature to the merchants. OpenCart fast scroll extension offers sufficient space to explore more things smartly. Besides, offering a better user-experience to the store owners, this module boosts user engagement on the website too.

Features offered by OpenCart quick scroll extension

1. With OpenCart quick scroll extension merchants can customize their e-commerce website.

Knowband is an e-commerce service provider which is known for creating solutions for various platforms for 10 years. Store owners get custom solutions for OpenCart website development and design to actualize on the eCommerce store. OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module improves sales as it keeps customers hooked to the website which leads to a better bounce rate as well.

2. OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module is mobile-friendly

According to research, the number of mobile shoppers has been increased in the last few years therefore your e-commerce website must be mobile-friendly. OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module is mobile-friendly and easy to use. Besides that, OpenCart quick scroll extension can be managed from any gadget.

3. OpenCart fast scroll extension is “endless scrolling”

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module by Knowband is all about infinite scrolling. You can keep on scrolling all day long. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that without any complicated process you can implement infinite scrolling on your eCommerce website

4. Preview setting is possible with this module

With OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module, Sandbox settings can be enabled by the store owner or the admin for viewing the settings before put the functionality to implementation.

5.OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module is highly compatible

Whether it’s multi-lingual, multi-store, or about SSL compatibility, this module works with everything.

6.OpenCart endless scroll extension requires no coding

OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module requires zero changes in codes for implementing the functionality.

7.OpenCart list product extension allows selector settings:

Store owners can apply selector settings from the admin interface of the Opencart list view plugin.

Why Knowband?

Knowband is a leading name as an eCommerce solution provider and module development company that helps you to run a quick, secure, and user-friendly store with Opencart extensions. OpenCart eCommerce websites are built by talented developers for clients from different business verticals.

They are experts in planning, designing, and developing so that every customer deserves the best. The custom made website designs are delivered on time.

Therefore, for running a successful online store you require Knowband and OpenCart endless scroll extension.

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