Why do you need the OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module for your store?

What do you think is important for your eCommerce store in today’s time? Well, you might have many options but customer satisfaction is certainly one of the most important among them. When it comes to a good user experience, infinite scroll plays an important role.

You might ask why?

Being a store owner, you want your customers to have a seamless user experience and if you have an OpenCart store, the OpenCart Infinite Scroll module, life can be really easy.

The OpenCart Infinite Scroll Module is an efficient addition to your store because it allows your visitors and customers to scroll the product list endlessly. With no distraction of breaking the flow to change the page, the users love browsing the products on the store. You can simply add the module to your store.

This blog talks about the perks of installing the OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension.

Advantages of Opencart list product extension

The infinite scrolling

The absolute first explanation that improves the experience of first-time visitors, just as the customers, is the infinite scrolling offered by the OpenCart fast scroll module. Pagination forces the visitors to tap on the following page button to take them to the following arrangement of products or services. Be that as it may, with infinite scrolling, the experience is a lot smoother and more consistent. It is more similar to perusing Facebook or Instagram where infinite scrolling has been introduced. While perusing on a website with infinite scrolling, the visitors forget the time and invests more energy than he/she would have on the store.

The loading speed

With pagination, the speed of the stacking website may hamper and the visitors would leave bothered and most likely never to return. Then again, when the visitors are in the same spot and the following arrangement of products are stacking, it takes less time. Thus, it gives no or least an ideal opportunity for the guest to imagine that he/she should take off from the website. That’s where OpenCart Infinite Scroll Extension comes into the picture. If you want your pages to load fast, you should invest in this OpenCart extension.

The message of page end

It gets truly astounded when the page end comes with no insinuation. It is in every case better for the visitors to realize that there are no more products to have appeared on the website. The OpenCart infinite scroll module gives a message toward the finish of the page (when there are no products to appear) – That’s All Folks and tells the visitors that it is, at last, the finish of the page.

Go to the top of the page

While scrolling the page and seeing the products, there comes a point when the visitors imagine that they tracked down a decent product worth considering on the highest point of the page. While in pagination, they would need to physically scroll as far as possible up. Nonetheless, with OpenCart quick scroll extension, they can go right on the top – on account of the Go To Top button that once clicked will take them straight to the highest point of the page.


If you want your customers to find browsing products on your eCommerce store a pleasure, the Opencart infinite scrolling module is your best bet. The OpenCart extension has numerous features to take a look at. To know more about the Opencart list product extension, click on the links below.

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