5 best benefits merchants get by installing OpenCart Private Shop

Various websites do not permit shoppers to browse the website or purchase any product unless they create an account. This method makes your website much secure and safe from anonymous users. Hence, several tools provide login security however, most of them only apply the login security to the complete site. Knowband offers OpenCart Private Shop.

OpenCart Private Shop

Opencart Private Shop

OpenCart Private shop allows customizing the way the admin wants to secure the website. Furthermore, this extension can either secure the entire store or allows them to select from the list of Categories, Products, Pages, and IPs. This way they can secure separately rather than securing the entire storefront. 

OpenCart Private shop extension features

Store admin can easily force customers to log in to visit the online store using OpenCart Private shop extension. Furthermore, with the assistance of this module, store merchants can even update the login/Signup page element changes according to their needs. Furthermore, the extension allows merchants to add titles, show or even hide the store logo.

Private shop module even allows merchants to enable the signup process if he/she wants. Moreover, store merchants can enable the signup process from the secured page or not. With the assistance of OpenCart Private Shop, the administrator can set if the recently enlisted client can see the store directly or should be approved first.

Furthermore, using this plugin, merchants can even change the content of the thank you page. This will be only visible after the verify new customers option is enabled from the admin panel by the merchants. The most important feature of this module is, store admin can easily set the position of the forms on the secured pages. For instance, left, right, or center.

Besides the above incredible features of Restrict categories and products, merchants get some of the best benefits if they install this OpenCart module.

Benefits of Private shop module

Benefit 1: Allows admin to approve customer registration

Restrict categories and products permit store merchants to approve the customer registration in both ways- manual and automatic. 

Benefit 2: Allows admin to force clients

The Opencart Private Shop extension even allows merchants to force clients to log in to the website. Also, this plugin force clients to register on the website. As a result, customers can view the content.

Benefit 3: Offers complete control

OpenCart Private shop extension offers complete liberty i.e. admin can decide whether to show/hide the new user enrollment form on the front-end interface.

Benefit 4: Provide Google Crawl functionality

Crawlability means the search engine’s ability to access as well as crawl content on a page. Moreover, web crawlers can easily access all its content when the website has crawlability issues. Contents can be accessed through the following links between pages.

Using this module, the admin can set Google Crawl functionality for the private pages of their website. The private pages will also rank in search engines after the admin allows Google Crawl.

Benefit 5: Customize accordingly

 To set up the look as well as the feel of the login/signup page accordingly, use Restrict categories and products.

An additional benefit offered by Opencart Private shop extension

 Opencart Private shop extension offers an additional benefit i.e. easy installing. Along with quick installing, the admin can easily configure this extension because it requires zero source code modifications.


There are numerous ways accessible to ask your clients to an account and Knowband’s Private Shop extension is a truly outstanding and viable approach to let your site guests sign in to view restricted pages, products, even categories on your online store. Further, this plugin permit store merchants to convert online stores into an exclusive and private shop.

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