Why should admin Invest in Knowband Restrict categories and products?

There are numerous ways accessible to ask your clients to create an account and Knowband Restrict categories and products is a truly outstanding and effective way to let your website visitors sign in to view the restricted pages, products, or categories on your online store.

Knowband Restrict categories and products

Restrict categories and products

Restrict categories and products allows store merchants to convert online stores to exclusive and private shops. Opencart Private Shop is an extension that limits clients to get to various types of data on your store. Opencart Private Shop extension even permits the administrator to ask clients to log in or signup on the site to get to the pages restricted by the store administrator. Moreover, the Administrator can make the whole shop private or a particular item, class, or page. Further, the Private Shop Opencart Extension is an element-rich B2B extension that permits store merchants to the enlisted clients as it were. Moreover, the administrator can permit the private shop to be focused by Google and others web search engines.

Knowband Restrict categories and products

Key features of Opencart Private Shop extension :

  • Restrict categories and products extension allows admin to privatize the entire online store or a specific page. Admin can privatize product, or category of the website using the Private Shop extension.
  • This extension offer access to the registered store clients so that they can without much of a stretch view the Private Shop content.
  • This Private Shop extension provides numerous features. Moreover, is fully customizable from the admin interface. Further, this plugin can manage the look as well as the feel of the login/signup form.
  • This Opencart extension permits the administrator to show or hides the logo over the login or signup form. Moreover, the store merchant can hide or display the customer registration option on the frontend using this Private shop module.
Knowband Restrict categories and products
  • Using the Private shop module, new accounts can be validated by the store merchants automatically or manually. Further, this allows using custom CSS and JS code for more customization.
  • Store merchants can keep track of the private customers using the Private Shop OpenCart module. Further, the customer details can be viewed from the module.
  • Compatible with multi-lingual stores, SSL, and multi-store.
  •  Opencart Private shop extension is mobile-responsive as well.

Opencart PrivateShop extension benefits to Admin :

Knowband Restrict categories and products
  • The Opencart Private Shop extension gives the admin a feature to force their client to sign in or register on the website to view the content. Further, the admin can without much of a stretch approve the client registration automatically as well as manually.
  • The Opencart store admin has full control to show/hide the new client registration form on the front-end interface. Furthermore, to set Google Crawl functionality for the private pages of their store, the extension allows admin to do. Once the Google Crawl is permitted by the admin, then the private pages also rank in search engines.
Knowband Restrict categories and products
  • The admin can set up the look and feel of the login/signup page as indicated by their choice. Furthermore, the admin can restrict pages, products, or categories on their website with the help of this extension Private Shop OpenCart module.
  • The installation, as well as the configuration of the Opencart Private shop extension, is easy because it demands no source code modifications.

Final thoughts on Restrict categories and products

The clients can undoubtedly get access to the restricted products and pages without any inconveniences, once they login or register on the website. Furthermore, the layout of the Opencart Private shop extension is mobile-responsive, making the shop visible over mobile and tablet devices. The simple and engaging front UI of a private shop offers an astonishing shopping experience to the clients. Hence, Opencart Private Shop Extension.

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