OpenCart Private shop extension- outstanding and powerful approach

OpenCart Private shop extension offered by Knowband is a truly outstanding and powerful approach as this allows website guests to sign in to restricted pages, products, and categories on your online store. Further, this module offers store administrators to change over the online store into a world-class and private shop. The Private shop module is an expansion that confines clients to utilize different sorts of information on the site.

Features that defines Opencart Private Shop Extension

Opencart Private Shop Extension permits the store overseer to demand that clients sign in or register on the site to get to the pages confined by the head. Further, store administrators can make the whole shop private or a particular thing, class or pages privatize. Further, the Restrict classes and items is a component-rich B2B expansion. This gives store admittance to enlisted clients as it were. Besides, the store administrator can permit the private shop to be focused on by Google and others web crawlers.

OpenCart Private shop extension

What are the advantages of Opencart Private Shop extension offered by Knowband?

  • Using the Private Shop Extension, you can privatize the complete online store or specific page, thing, or class of the website. Furthermore, this extension offers access to the registered store clients intending to view the Private Shop content.
  • This Private Shop extension offers various highlights and is easy to customize from the admin panel. 
OpenCart Private shop extension
  • Restrict categories and products module helps to manage both looks as well as the feel of the login/signup form. Besides that, the admin can modify the positioning of the login/signup form. This module allows the admin to place it either on the left, right, or center of the website page. Regardless of language you speak, you may change the title of the form in the desired language using the extension. 
  • The OpenCart Private Shop allows the store admin to show or hide the logo over the login/signup form. The module even allows merchants to show or hide the client registration option on the frontend. Both- manually and automatically, new accounts can be validated in both ways.
  • The Private Shop OpenCart module allows using custom CSS and JS code for more customization. Further, the module offers an option to provide access to the site front to explicit IP addresses. 
  • The Private Shop Opencart module allows the store admin to set the desired products, categories, and pages as private. Module even allows the admin to monitor the private customers as well as view their details.
  • The extension is compatible with multi-lingual stores and furthermore mobile responsive as well. The Opencart Private shop Extension is multi-store compatible as well.
  • The Private Shop Opencart Extension is SSL viable.
OpenCart Private shop extension

What is the final take on Private Shop OpenCart module?

  • Without confronting any inconveniences, clients can undoubtedly get to the limited items and pages after a successful login or register on the site. Speaking about the layout of the plugin, it’s mobile responsive that makes the shopping experience superior for clients browsing websites via phones and tablets. The module even provides a simple and engaging front User Interface of a private shop. The module even offers a feature to the admin to force clients to sign in or register on the site. This way new content can be viewed. Both manually as well as automatically, merchants can undoubtedly validate the client registration

The Opencart store admin even has full control to show/hide the new client registration form toward the front interface. As this plugin requires zero source code modification, it’s easy to install as well as configure Restrict categories and products. Hence, not only customers are benefitted from extension, merchants are also benefitted.

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