The Ultimate Guide to Build an Amazon-Like Online Store in 2022

Multi-Vendor Marketplace has changed the game in the eCommerce industry recently. As, on a single platform, a Multi vendor Marketplace enables multiple sellers to sell their products or services. In exchange, sellers must give a commission to the store administrator. The Multi-seller Marketplace platform thus serves the interests of both the online store owner and the merchants. Additionally, users can browse a wide range of products or brands on the marketplace saving the customer time and effort. The multi-seller marketplace offers vendors the greatest platform to promote their goods because the store administrator is in charge of all website upkeep and development tasks. Store owners may make a tonne of money through seller commissions, seller orders, and membership plans without having to invest in a tonne of inventory.

In this article, we’ll outline the 3 easy steps an owner of an eCommerce company may take to transform their operation into an Online Marketplace. The Multi-Seller Marketplace extensions of the Knowband make all of this possible. Online store owners may easily transform their stores into Multi-Seller Marketplaces without any programming experience.

Method of Operation

The vendors must sign up using the sign-in form located at the front of the shop and await approval from the shop administrators. Also, the seller can begin adding and selling products to the store as soon as the store owner approves the request. Thus, for the launch of the website, sellers do not need to become involved in difficult coding or website creation.

Knowband Marketplace testimonal

The Multi-Vendor Marketplace module will let any marketplace function just like well-known marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, where sellers sign up to offer their services or goods to customers. Vendors will also be given access to a separate seller dashboard where they can edit their profiles, list inventories, control shipping services, track orders, and keep track of transactions.

In exchange, store owners can operate and manage all seller details from the backend of their store, including orders, listings, feedback, shipping, and transactions.

The Knowband Multi-Vendor Marketplace addons include:

Knowband Multi-Vendor Marketplace addons include

Prestashop Multi-seller Marketplace plugin

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension

OpenCart Marketplace module

These Marketplace extensions are all very compatible with the mobile marketplace app. Thus, customers can now enjoy all of Marketplace’s advantages.

Actions To Take to Open a Multi-Seller Marketplace

Actions to take to Open Marketplace

1. Purchase the Marketplace addon from

2. Download and unzip the folder in step two.

3. Install the Marketplace module from your store’s backend in the last step.

Key features of Multi-Vendor Marketplace Modules

1. Simple Seller Registration

Sellers can contact the store administrator by sending their registration requests via the business’s front end. Once the online marketplace owner has authorized the request, the seller can begin listing products.

2. Effortless Seller Monitoring:

Online store owners may keep an eye on vendors via the Multi-Vendor Marketplace admin panel. From the dashboard in the backend, the store owner can accept or reject the seller’s request.

3. Commission Management

The Multi-Seller Marketplace allows store owners to charge commissions to vendors who list their goods there. In addition, the store manager may also request compensation from specific sellers.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

4. User-friendly Dashboard:

From distinct interactive dashboards, the seller and admin can manage their store at the Marketplace. From the dashboard, sellers may advertise their goods, manage orders and inventories, run their delivery options, and edit their profiles.

5. Add Multiple Categories:

On the Marketplace, vendors may add products in accepted categories. Vendors can submit a category request to the business owner for an extra category. From the backend, the store administrator can accept or refuse the request.

6. Product Type Compatibility:

The Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin supports all product categories, including simple and packaged goods.

7. Seller Order and Review Supervision:

From the admin panel, the online store owner keeps an eye on seller commissions, transactions, orders, and seller reviews.

8. Membership Plan:

The duration of time a seller may sell on a marketplace is determined by their membership plan. Offering a subscription-based approach for your store may prove to be a reliable source of income.

The Knowband shop offers a variety of integrators that can link your store with an established Marketplace. For a marketplace like Etsy, eBay, etc., marketplace connector modules are available to interface your store with the marketplace. These integrators can be used with a variety of systems, including Magneto2, PrestaShop, and OpenCart.


Since eCommerce trends are rapidly evolving, switching from a regular e-store to a marketplace is the best course of action if you’re seeking for strategies to grow your business. In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, Knowband’s Marketplace plugins offer a large number of additional similar features.

Use our online marketplace add-ons to put your company on the right track for growth. It is now essential to have a marketplace, preferably one with a mobile app, as this is one of the finest ways to expand your reach and business. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance.

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