Want to sell on the eBay marketplace? Use eBay OpenCart Extension

eBay OpenCart Extension offers a smart solution to owners to connect the OpenCart store with the eBay marketplace. New sellers frequently seek advice on selling on eBay more quickly. The eBay marketplace is large and, at times, perplexing. If you’re new to eBay, it’s best to take things carefully at first, learn the lay of the land, study the laws, understand the cost structure, and gradually expand your eBay hobby or business.

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Tips to remember

Tip 1: Be wise while pricing items

Being a new seller on the eBay marketplace you should know how to price your item. There are times when new sellers look at retail value, active eBay listings, or based on what they paid for something recently or a long time ago. This is the biggest mistake new sellers make. Because eBay is its universe, expecting to sell products at retail pricing may leave you dissatisfied.

Tip 2: Looking for things to sell

Thousands of objects, ranging from paper clips to vehicles, found in the ordinary American home. You don’t need to buy anything because you already have a lot to sell. You simply don’t know which of your possessions are worth something on eBay. Begin by going room by room through your house and looking up items on completed listings. Look everything up, even if you don’t think it’s valuable.

Tip 3: Know seller limits

Selling limits being placed on sellers by eBay. However, eBay has strict rules for new sellers. Furthermore, eBay wants sellers to build a favorable selling history, as it imposes some restrictions to avoid fraud. Moreover, Account limits, category limits, and item limits apply to new sellers.

Now the question arises, if you are an Opencart owner and want to sell on the eBay marketplace, how is that possible?

How to synchronize the opencart store and eBay marketplace with eBay OpenCart Extension?

Step 1: Product Listing    

Under the product listing tab of the OpenCart eBay Connector Extension, all the products which the admin needs to list or already listed on eBay can be viewed under this tab. Furthermore, merchants can easily view the product image, eBay listing Id, name, and profile to which item is mapped, listing status as well as date added. 

Step 2: Local Sync

Products are synchronized from the Opencart store to the eBay Integration module by the local sync feature of the plugin. Furthermore, this option of the eBay OpenCart Extension helps the admin to easily list all the items or even the selected products to the eBay marketplace. Moreover, The eBay OpenCart Integration Extension’s Products tab and Synchronization tab used to execute local synchronization.

Step 3: Sync Products

eBay OpenCart API Integration sync product feature permits the listing of the items to the eBay marketplace. Once the admin click on the list of products, all the items sent to the eBay marketplace for this. This feature even helps in the bulk listing. From the product tab and synchronization tab of eBay OpenCart Integration Extension sync products operation can be performed.

Step 4: Revise Products

The admin must click the “Mark for the Update” (revise) button to revise a product on the eBay store. When the admin selects the Revise Product option, the sync option appears, allowing the admin to sync the product to the eBay Marketplace. Option is found on the eBay OpenCart Extension products tab. Furthermore, the eBay OpenCart Integration Extension’s Products tab and the Synchronization tab used to revise products. From the Synchronization tab of the OpenCart eBay Integrator Extension, the admin can also set up the CRON for Revising the items on eBay.

Step 5: Enable or Disable Products 

Enable or disable products feature of the plugin allows admin to disable the products from the product listing page. Further, this extension helps in removing disabled products from the eBay store. Moreover, the admin can enable products later. Click on the end product button found under the synchronization tab of the eBay OpenCart Extension. 

Step 6: Sync product status from eBay:

Sync product status from the eBay feature allows the merchant to update the eBay listing status of the items. Further, this feature assists in tracking the status of the item on the product listing page of the eBay OpenCart connector plugin.

Step 7: Sync Products Inventory In Bulk:

The admin can update the inventory of listed products from the Opencart store to eBay by choosing “Sync Product Inventory of Listed Products.”

In the end

If you face trouble synchronization your Opencart store with the eBay marketplace, you are free to write to the Knowband team at [email protected]

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